Mumbai Metro Train Station Facilities

The following facilities are provided at each Mumbai Metro Station-

Escalotors are provided at each level for passenger convinience.

Elevators are provided at all levels for the convinience of senior citizens, differently abled passengers and general public.

Tactile paths are provided at each Metro station to help the visually impaired person from entering a metro station to boarding a train and vice versa.

Ramps are located right next to the elvators to hel the people on wheelchairs to access the elevators.

Wheelchairs are provided at each metro station to cater needs of people.

FIrst Aid services are available at all Metro stations.

Seperate washroom facilities are provided for ladies, gents and differently abled passengers.

For the convinience of passengers, drinking water is provided.

Real time updates of train services are provided through PIDs.

Realtime announcements during disruptions, emergencie etc are made through PAS.

Emergency Evacuation Plan Signages helps passengers to evacuate stations during emergencies.

Signages help passengers with information regarding entry, exits, layouts etc.

There are two PHPs at platforms which will help the passenger contact the station controller directly in case of emergency.

There are three ESPs located at each platform. This plunger enables a passenger to stop an incoming train during an emergency.

Customer Care centers help passengers with any information or assistance.

Bank ATMs are provided for convinence of passengers.

Various Food and Beverages facilities are provided at all Metro stations.

Convinience stores are located at all Metro stations.