Getting Around Mumbai

Mumbai Getting Around

Mumbai is a vibrant city reverberating with energy and action every moment. It is a city that will bewilder even the most ardent travelers. It is so fast paced that it is said if you are on a train platform, you can get inside a train and shoved out of it without you having to move a muscle on our own.

Mumbai is an eclectic mix of contradictions: it is ultra-modern yet conventional; it is high-paced yet the speed takes a pause when you admire the Gothic architecture of the Gateway of India, it boasts of its Bollywood star-studded parties, yet no one misses the famous Ganpati Puja, all these things make it quintessentially Indian.

Known as Bombay till 1995 it was renamed Mumbai after much controversy. It is the most populous city in India and happens to be the commercial as well as fashion capital of the country.

You can enjoy the Victorian architecture of the buildings, take a long walk on the Juhu beach, hire a cab to go around the Marine Drive, shop while you put to test your bargaining skills on Fashion Street, indulge in the famous Vada Paav and Pani Puri, or relish a lavish meal in a serene sea-side restaurant. Mumbai will indulge you in the way you want. There is so much to do in Mumbai that whether you plan a short vacation or a long one, you need a smart itinerary to stick to or you will be lost.

You can choose from the various options on how you want to explore Mumbai:

  • To experience the authentic Mumbai travel in the local trains
  • For a less hassle commute, hire a cab
  • To get an elevated view of the city travel in the double decker local buses
  • To get the taste of the traffic get in the autorickshaw
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