Mumbai by Taxi

Getting Around Mumbai by Taxi

If you do not like to compromise on comfort as you travel and are willing to pay the slight extra price for it, then you should travel via taxi in Mumbai. Two types of taxis ply on Mumbai roads- metered taxis and radio cabs.

Latest Taxi Fares

Metered taxis have a preset fare and you can hail these taxis when their meter is up. They are easily available on the roads. Metered taxis are usually old, beaten-up, black and yellow Fiat cars that are the exact opposite of classy; still they can be fun to travel in. The fare for the first 1.6 Km in a Metered taxi is Rs 19 and thereafter it is 12.35/Km (rounded off to nearest rupee) for every subsequent Km. The rates are 25% more when travelling from midnight till 5 am.

Taxi drivers may try to cheat you if you are ignorant. Be mindful of these few things and you are good to go:

  • See that the meter starts from 0 when you begin your journey.
  • Read the fare chart carefully, the driver may try to deceive by miscalculating. You can seek help from a cop or a local person. People are generally helpful.

  • Radio cabs are a better option when compared to metered cabs. They are better-looking cars equipped with GPS, tamper-proof digital meters, AC, and English-speaking drivers; naturally they are more expensive! You need to book them in advance on phone or through internet. Though at times they reach within 30 mins, it is recommended to book at least a couple of hours before, in case you have a flight/train to catch.

    The popular radio cabs in Mumbai are:

  • Meru Cabs: 022-4422 4422 First Km Rs.24, Rs.17/Km for every subsequent Km
  • Easy Cabs: 022-43 43 43 First Km Rs.22, Rs.15/Km for every subsequent Km