Mumbai by Auto Rickshaw

Getting Around Mumbai by Auto Rickshaw

The autorickshaw is a three wheeler cabin cycle or a motorized version of manually pulled rickshaw and has the capacity to carry only three people. It has very less space for keeping luggage. Once a popular mode of transport for ferrying people to long and short distances, it is economical as compared to cabs.

Mumbai Auto Rickshaw Routes

The autos are available only beyond Bandra in the Western suburbs and are not available in South Mumbai.

The fare stands at Rs. 15 for first 1.6 Kms and Rs 9.87 is added for each subsequent Km. The metres used in most of the autos are old and non-electronic.

The auto drivers are at times quarrelsome and are not well versed in English. They can tamper with the metres to fleece the traveler. When you get in an auto ensure that the meter states the reading as 1.00.

Mumbai police and Autorickshaw union has jointly come to the rescue of travelers and some autos are fit with electronic metres now. There are 24X7 helpline numbers to register complaints and any irregularity or misconduct on the part of driver. The helpline number is: 1800 220 110.

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